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West-Flanders: your ideal region

West-Flanders has just about everything you want to make your holiday both an entertaining and a memorable one.

Most visitors to West-Flanders start off their holidays at the coast: the 67 km (40 miles) of North Sea coastline provide an unspoiled panorama of large sandbeaches, widely spread dunes and woods of an unrivalled beauty.

West-Flanders, an ideal family holiday region offers a great variety of sporting
and leisure activities.

For those who enjoy sightseeing, there are many towns and villages, with a rich historical heritage lying within easy reach of the sea-shore in a beautiful polder landscape.

Good hotels and first rate cuisine are synonymous with the warm local atmosphere
of the typical Flemish town.

Take Bruges for example, world-famous for its historical and artistic heritage, or Damme, an enchanting small town, the home of the legendary and mischievous Tijl Eulenspiegel, or the lovely little country town of Veurne.

For those whose taste lie in another direction, there are the magnificent rolling hills and green hopfields of the peaceful front-cities of the first world war, Ieper (Ypres) and Diksmuide. Yet you will have another impression at Kortrijk, Roeselare or Tielt, or in the region between Leie and Schelde, where industry, trade and craft are most important.

In one word, whether you are old or young, West-Flanders offers you the perfect holiday.